Soothing Post Pregnancy Recovery through Yoga

Engulf yourself in positivity, good health and fitness through the AMI Post Natal Program 

PreNatal Yoga to relieve stress in Pregnant women

New Mother Woes

As a new mother life is exciting as well as challenging. The excitement of our bundle of joy can be overshadowed if our body and mind are not in great shape.

The pregnancy belly can be a pain to look at every time we walk past the mirror. More than that a lack of sleep is something to expect and be ready for. A constantly sore body, especially around the groin and perineum is common.

Pregnancy Blues?

Feeling sad is common during this time too. Contrary to what one might think, 1 in 7 women face a mild form of Postpartum Depression. This is due to Hormonal Imbalance and in some cases other factors such as lethargy, insomnia etc.

Our Self image too sometimes takes a hit because we’re suddenly incapable of doing many things that we could do pre pregnancy. 

Apart from this, Postpartum Edema, Swelling, Body Ache, Constant Tiredness, Baby Stress are all part of the Parenting experience.

But Joyful Babies deserve Joyful Mothers!

Our goal at AMI is to help new mothers cope and be joyful in the post pregnancy period. We want our Yogic Mothers to be happy, smiling, in shape, confident and radiant!

The is now open!

Share the Experience

The program is a platform for you to interact with other new moms and parents. This helps you express freely and adds to the joy of motherhood

Muscle Strengthening

Pregnancy leads to muscle weakening. But if you jump into the gym or heavy body weight training instantly, it can cause more harm than good. The program helps you build strength through gradual and slow progression

Relaxing Meditations

There is a lot of emphasis on relaxation through meditation. This helps you do away with the stress and even improves sleep and rest quality

Mindful Stretches

Unknowingly a lot of stress is present in our muscles throughout the day. Especially for new moms, there's a lot of strain and tightness in the pelvic and lumbar region. Our specially designed stretches helps mothers consciously relax these muscles and more

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Our Founders

Usha Karnik


Usha Karnik’s ability to consistently innovate with yoga practices to adapt them to the modern world and her insatiable curiosity to explore the unknown realms of yogic science keep enriching the creative streak within the organisation. The mental fitness and expansion of awareness library is her creation and her ability to read and adapt various ideas has kept the organisation growing from strength to strength.

Megha Dhargalkar

Chief Vision Officer

A Pharmacy graduate from Mumbai University and an MBA from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Megha has grown through the Pharmaceutical industry working there for the last 26 years. Megha was associated with many leading pharmaceutical organisations viz. Lupin, Reliance Life Sciences, Alembic etc. and also headed a team of more than 3000 people in Sales & Marketing. Firmly convinced that yoga has a vital role to play in organisations, to improve employee performance, Megha recently shifted from a bright career in the corporate world – the position of Senior Vice President – Strategy & Business Development at Wockhardt to pursue her passion in yoga. Her work consists of exploring the impact that yoga has on the mind beyond its physical benefits. She is a qualified QCI yoga instructor. Immersed into yoga at the Bihar School of Yoga she brings a rich understanding of yogic practices and their benefits on the minds and thinking processes of people in the corporate world.

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4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Engulf yourself in positivity, good health and fitness through the AMI Post Natal Program