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Class Details

  • Free Orientation: 3rd Nov, 6:30pm
  • Start Date – 7th Nov 2022, Monday
  • Days – Monday & Thursday
  • Time – 6:30pm-7:30 pm IST
  • Sessions – 24 Sessions
  • Fees – Rs. 3500

Living with Anxiety isn't Easy

We’re restless, jumpy, and feel like we’ve lost control  over our life. 

We tend to lose focus on daily tasks and this impacts our energy levels and productivity on a daily basis. Concentrating even on a menial task becomes a chore as we’re preoccupied with thoughts and find it hard to break out of this cycle. 

The side-effects of anxiety don’t end there. It also causes physical pain and other ailments if left unchecked for a large period of time.

So, whats the SOLUTION?

Our breath patterns are altered according to our mental state. An anxious person often feels short of breath but a calm person takes deep, long breaths. This is why we’re asked to take long, deep breaths when we need to calm ourselves down. 

But pranayama is more than simple breathing. The word itself translates to controlling the vital force of energy that governs the functions of the body. Practising different forms of pranayama boosts our physical and mental health. 

Meditation on the other hand can be as simple as just observing one’s breath. Meditation helps us to go within and understand the workings and mechanics of our mind and body.

Through Pranayama and Meditation, we can experience joy, love, peace, and attain mind-body harmony.

Practising Pranayama (breath control) regularly helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system and helps us calm down.

It also pumps more oxygen into our bloodstream. So, we feel energetic and active throughout the day. This positively impacts  our productivity and greatly improves our focus and attention. 

Pranayama is combined with meditation practices, we fall asleep easier, our digestion improves, our blood pressure is regulated, and our lungs become stronger and more elastic in nature to help us breathe freely and with ease.

At AMI, We’ve helped more than 25,000 students improve their Health, Happiness, and Peace for more than 30 years.

Glimpses of our classes!

In this Pranayama and Meditation Workshop, You’ll Learn:


Also called the shining skull, Kapalbhati helps eliminate the lungs of toxins and energizes the body.
It also
relaxes the eyes and helps remove dark circles. Kapalbhati pranayama also helps improve the function of the kidneys and liver.


Pranayamas consist of 3 parts: puraka (inhalation), kumbhaka (retention), and recaka (exhalation). Kumbhaka Pranayama deals with the retention of breath and helps cause cerebral vasodilation that is triggered due to build up of carbon dioxide caused due to breath retention. One of the most important benefits of cerebral vasodilation is that it reduces the blood pressure.


The Ujjayi Pranayama is also called the ocean breath because of the breathing sound one makes in the process. It is a tranquilizing pranayama. It helps wash away stray thoughts and can help ease one into calmness and sleep.

Bhastrika Pranayama

The Bhastrika Pranayama consists of a series of rapid inhalations and exhalations. This causes a rapid flow of oxygen into the body and helps us feel energised and active throughout the day. This pranayama is especially useful for Asthma patients as it removes blockages from the nose and lungs.

Sheetali and Seetkari Pranayama

Sheetali and Seetkari Pranayama are effective in cooling our body and calming our mind. 

Because of the nature of breathing, Sheetali and Seetkari Pranayama are also effective in relieving us from minor stomach related conditions like acidity and indigestion.

Ratio Breathing Techniques

This technique consists of  inhaling, retaining, and exhaling for limited periods of time. The most common example is the 1:1:1 t,echnique where one inhales for 5 seconds, retains the breath for 5 seconds, and exhales for 5 seconds. These breathing techniques help relieve anxiety and sleeplessness.

Anulom Vilom Pranayama

Anulom Vilom or alternate nostril breathing helps improve lung capacity and reduce the migraines caused due to stress and anxiety. It also has a calming effect on our mind which in turn helps improve our memory.


Bandhas are also called locks and involve locking the prana in certain parts of the body. This blockage causes a surge of prana to flow through the body and clears blockages and toxins. Bandhas help in regulating the endocrine system in our body. Since the endocrine system is responsible for regulating our moods, Bandhas help make our mood better.


Yoga Nidra helps regulate sleep and improve our alertness and awareness. It’s done in a semi-conscious state i.e. the state between sleep and wakefulness to improve self-awareness and the connection we feel with ourselves to improve our moods and boost our creative energies. It also helps us get rid of body aches and pains.


Meditation is an essential for us to achieve lasting calm and peace. But for the most of us meditation is synonymous to concentration. Many complain of even distracting thoughts. Worry not! In our program you will be taken in to meditation in a way which is easy and achievable by all. You’ll practice meditation on sounds, on objects and then when comfortable focus on the breath. You’ll also share experiences and learn from teachers who have been in your shoes


Pranayama when practised with other Asanas helps improve our flexibility and tones our body and organs. It helps us sleep better, regulates our hormones and improves lung capacity and elasticity, and boosts circulation in our body.

The AMI Yoga Family

You’ll also be introduced to 50+ variations of pranayama which our students have been practicing for three decades. You’ll also meet students and teachers from different walks of life on the same journey as you.

Finally you’ll be welcomed with open arms into the AMI Yoga family. You’ll be inducted into our digital groups on Whatsapp, be a part of open workshops and can also join our everyday yoga Batches!

Workshop Details

Orientation Details

  • Date – 3rd November 2022, Thursday
  • Time – 6:30pm-7:30 pm IST
  • Medium – Online on Zoom App

Class Details

  • Start Date – 7th Nov 2022, Monday
  • Days – Monday & Thursday
  • Time – 6:30pm-7:30 pm IST
  • Sessions – 24 Sessions
  • Fees – Rs. 3500

Why choose AMI?

Over the past 30 years, AMI Yoga has not only taught yoga to more than 25000 participants but made it an integral part of their lives. AMI Yoga has won many prestigious accolades over the last 3 decades

  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Fair Business Practices in 2004
  • Recognized by Lions’ Club Chembur for outstanding contribution to Society
  • Felicitated by Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research for work done in Yoga

As the organization has kept reinventing itself, it has now taken a more contemporary form as AMI Yoga.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to join this workshop right now?

Times are tough! A research by IMA states that stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia & fear are major issues from the pandemic. All these factors can be controlled effectively when we practise Pranayama & Meditation consistently. That is the purpose of this workshop!

Can this workshop help me get over my nervousness?

When it comes to stress, your breath is one of the best remedies there is. This workshop will teach you
how to slow down & regularise your breath. This will both help you stay calm and reduce nervousness.

Will this workshop benefit me if I’m a beginner?

Practising Pranayama in isolation is not recommended if you’re a beginner as you may not do the techniques correctly. This workshop is designed to teach you the ‘right way’ of practising Pranayama & meditation to help you develop a habit. Since consistency is key!

Can Pranayama help improve cognition and anxiety?

Yes, it can! In fact, a study by Indian Medical Association shows that practice of slow breathing type of Pranayam for six weeks improves cognition, anxiety and general well being.

Can this workshop improve my health & happiness?

In these difficult times, we at AMI feel a level of responsibility to spread happiness & peace in people’s lives by sharing the secrets & magic of Meditation & Pranayama. With this purpose, we have successfully served more than 25,000 students till date.

How long is this workshop & when will it be conducted?

The AMI Pranayam Meditation workshop consists of 24 power-packed sessions. Each session is curated to add maximum value in your life. The workshop will be held on Tuesday & Friday from 7:00 am to 8:00 am. See you there!

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