Align your Chakras to achieve peace, health and overall wellbeing

Be in tune with the universe. Learn from 30 years of experience

The Chakra Balancing session will help you:

  • Experience Higher Energy Levels
  • Be in touch with your energies
  • Feel more emotionally balanced
  • Feel long lasting peace
  • Balance your internal system
  • Feel more loving and compassionate
  • Higher self esteem and confidence
  • Discover deeper truths about yourself in meditation
  • Advance on your spiritual journey
  • Have more fulfilling relationships

Our students share their experiences at AMI

We Created the Chakra Balancing
Workshop for you

At AMI, we have 1200 odd students who practice with us online each day. Our participants come from all walks of life. Our youngest participant is 5 years old while our oldest participant is 84 🙂

We create workshops that will help all of you feel healthier, happier and joyful. The Chakra Balancing workshop is an initiative to help you learn about your energies and how to balance them in a safe way.

All of our practices are scientifically tested with participants over 30 years and developed by expert teachers practicing for decades.

The Chakra workshop was born out of our urge to help you. We sat down and created a program that:

  • Is Accessible to you online
  • Helps you understand and be in touch with your energies
  • Helps you balance your chakras under expert supervision
  • Helps you connect with a group that keeps you motivated to practice
  • Helps you stay happy and smiling

What is the AMI Chakra Balancing Workshop?

AMI Yoga Joint Pain Management Workshop

The AMI Chakra workshop is a 24 session workshop consisting of tried and tested practices that help you balance your energy. 

These practices and teachings have been used since ancient times to achieve peace, stability and happiness 

You will learn Asanas, Kriyas, Pranayamas, Mantras & Simple Awareness practices that will put you in touch with your energies.

Over 1200 students in India and Abroad practice these everyday to remain healthy.

You will learn to:

Understand Energy

Before you can reap the many benefits of manipulating your prana energy, the first step is to understand it. You’ll learn about how energy works in the human body. All of these will be based on the ancient Yogic Texts and experiences of advanced teachers

Strengthen Chakras using the power of visualization

Modern studies are slowly starting to recognize the power of visualization and intention. In the ancient yogic culture, visualizations has been used extensively for eons. You’ll learn how to use visualization to help you achieve happiness and peace 

Learn Asanas for specific Chakras

 You’ll learn to do asanas with deep awareness, guided by the soothing voice of our teachers. You will see that through the practice your body and mind become aligned, and you start feeling at peace naturally. You will also start noticing how certain asanas subtly activate/balance certain chakras

Use special pranayamas for balancing different chakras

Pranayamas help us to manipulate the energy by working with the breath. In the yogic culture, its well known that the breath and the prana (vital life force) are connected. The pranayamas help to raise energy levels. They also help to increase lung capacity, oxygenate the blood better and make one feel energetic overall.

Achieve Conscious Relaxation using Yoga Nidra

In Yoga nidra/Yogic Sleep, the teacher will guide you into a conscious sleep where you can make suggestions of health and peace to your subconscious. Yoga Nidra is a tried and tested method of programming your mind, body and energies for good health.

Use Mantras to create vibrations

Mantras are nothing but vibrations. At the Chakra workshop, you will learn to chant mantras that are proven to improve the vitality and health of an individual. 

Bonus: Be part of the strong AMI Community on WhatsApp

 You’ll also meet students and teachers from different walks of life on the same journey as you.

Finally you’ll be welcomed with open arms into the AMI Yoga family. 

About AMI Yoga

AMI Yoga is a 30 Year Old Yoga School based in Mumbai, India.

The AMI Team of 40 teachers has trained more than 30,000 students online and offline.

At AMI, we have expert Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists and Medical Professionals.

Our practices combine traditional yoga and scientifically adapted practices.

We’ve helped students of all ages and backgrounds.

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Years of Experience

Enjoy a free session right now by watching the video below.

Why is achieving stability and peace less expensive than buying a cup of Coffee (Just Rs.145/class)?

We want to see more people healthy, happy and blooming. The Chakra Balancing workshop is our earnest attempt to see you healthy. 

This is a 24 session workshop priced at Rs. 3500 (ie. Just Rs. 145/class)  that will give you everything you need to have a balanced energy system. 

If we look around us, here’s what we see:

  • Newer Diseases 
  • More visits to all kinds of doctors
  • Constantly falling ill in intervals
  • Imbalance of the Mind and Body
  • Medicines and Supplements becoming a regular part of the diet
  • Sluggishness and Feeling tired all the time
  • Rigid bodies and worried minds

“The mission of the Chakra workshop is to help you avoid and get out of this situation.”

This is how every participant feels post the Chakra Workshop

  • You will feel more alive and vibrant
  • You will feel in balance overall
  • You will feel fresher
  • Your body will feel more active and supple
  • You will have a sound understanding of chakras and how they work
  • You will be in a position to get healthier
  • You will have access to a community of practitioners and teachers

“And the benefits are endless really!”

30 Participant Limit

The Chakra workshop is open to only 30 participants.

This is so that each participant gets the required attention. The earlier you register the better your chances of getting a spot.

Workshop Details

  • Date: 21st February, Monday
  • Time – 6:30pm – 7:30pm IST
  • Fees Rs.3500
  • Days – Mondays & Thursdays

Learn a little more about Chakras by watching the video below

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to join this workshop right now?

The Chakra workshops goal is to help participants understand about their own energy body and learn to work with it. This is a workshop to help you understand the deeper aspect of oneself and become healthier and happier while doing so

Is this workshop good for a beginner?

This workshop will be right for beginners too, but some experience with yoga and meditation would be a plus. You will be guided from theory to practice so it would be easy to grasp.

Will this workshop be harmful to me?

With a lot of people doing chakra workshops with half baked information and practice, we understand your fear. At AMI we’ve been teaching for 30+ years. Our teachers come from very spiritual and aware backgrounds. Our practices are tried and tested. So rest assured, you’re getting 100% safety 🙂

How long is this workshop & when will it be conducted?

The Chakra Workshop is a 24 session workshop. It will be conducted every Monday and Thursday at 6:30 pm. The Workshop begins of 21st February. 

Glimpses of our classes!

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