Revive your with the Chakra Balancing Workshop​

Understand, Absorb & Practice a Sadhana on your Chakras

Date: 17th February, Thursday 8:00 am-9:00 am

Fees: Rs.3000 for 3 months 

The Energy Body

The Universe is made up of Energy. Modern Science and the Ancient Yogic culture both have proven that all matter has it’s basis in Energy. 

The Big Bang is nothing but a Huge Explosion of Energy. The Basis of creation lies in Energy. But this energy, much like the air, may not always have a physical, tangible presence. But is something that can be experienced by us.

Every piece of creation too thus has a basis in Energy. The Physical Human Body also in the same way has an Energy Body which keeps it ticking.

In our Chakra workshop, we’ll be working on this Energy Body called the Pranamaya Kosha.

Disturbances in the Energy

Our bodies are made up of a visible material body called the Annamaya Kosha and an invisible, energy body called the Pranayama Kosha. 

Like energy affects visible matter, the energy body also influences the activities of the material body. 

If there are disturbances in the chakras of the energy body, we’ll struggle with negative thoughts and ailments. 

Balancing chakras helps us beat ailments like diabetes, heart disease, etc. 

On a mental level, balanced chakras help us break out of irrational thoughts, anxiety, and depression. 

The best way to balance our chakras is to practise Yoga regularly. 

25,000+ Students over 30 Years

At AMI, we’ve touched over 25000 lives and helped them positively through yoga. We are a team of over 40 teachers who come from various backgrounds and experiences. Our batches are spread across Mumbai and now online. At AMI, we pride ourselves at being a “Family” and not just teachers. Join us and be a part of the AMI Community

The Chakras Explained

The Energy body has channels or Nadis through which energy flows. These are similar to nerves and blood vessels in our physical bodies. There are 72,000 nadis and they originate from the spinal cord. These nadis intersect at several points in our body. This intersection is called a chakraAlthough there are 112 chakras in our body, there are only 7 major chakras where all the 72,000 nadis intersect. They are:


The Muladhara chakra is located in front of the anus. It’s also called the Earth chakra because it’s the root of man’s basic needs i.e, food, clothing, and shelter. Having a balanced Muladhara chakra will help attain inner peace and help us feel energetic instead of being drained by overthinking, anxiety and depression.


The Svadhisthana chakra is located in the Sacral Plexus in the lower abdominal region. It’s responsible for man’s carnal desires. We’ll focus on balancing this chakra as this leads to fulfilling relationships and improved creativity.


The Manipura chakra is located in the Solar Plexus near the navel area. Also called the fire chakra, this drives our actions and desire to get things done. A balanced Manipura chakra not only helps us with diabetes and improved digestion but also improves our leadership qualities. We’ll also get a boost of self-esteem and have the power to take control of our life.


The Anahata chakra is located in the Cardiac Plexus region located exactly behind the sternum. Balancing the heart chakra improves our heart health and regulates breathing problems. On an emotional level, we’ll start feeling compassionate towards others and ourselves.


The Vishuddhi chakra is located in the Cervical Plexus region in the neck. It’s also called the throat chakra and is commonly associated with communication. A balanced Vishuddhi chakra moulds us into individuals who have the power to influence masses with their words. It also helps us regulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands in our body. This regulation helps us maintain an ideal weight since these glands control the rate at which calories are burnt in the body.


The Ajna chakra is located at the center of our eyebrows. It’s also called the third-eye chakra because it’s associated with intuition. Balancing this chakra means balancing your physical and energy body. This chakra is associated with the pineal gland which controls major hormones like growth, reproduction,etc. A balanced Ajna chakra is also responsible for unlocking the hidden potential of our brain. It helps us dive deeper into our own psyche and discover deeper truths about ourselves.


The Sahasrara chakra is located outside of the body. It’s also called the crown chakra. Balancing the Sahasrara chakra means reaching the point of ultimate liberation and becoming one with the Universe.

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Attend the Orientation Session for the Chakra Workshop. The session is free and open to all. You can attend the session and get all your questions answered. Register below!

Features of the Program

Science of Chakras

We’ll dive deeper into the science behind the energy body and the chakras to help you visualise chakras in your physical body and understand the effects they have on it. We’ll make sure that you understand the theory first so that you can go deeper within


We’ll do pranayamas or breathing exercises that help rejuvenate the prana or the life force within us.When the flow of prana is low or obstructed, it invariably leads to ailments in our physical body. These pranayamas will be focussed on restoring a Balanced flow of the prana in our body.


We’ll practise asanas that will help balance the 7 chakras and improve their functioning.The physical body and the energy body closely mirror each other. Any imbalance in one has a visible effect on the other. Hence when we work on our energy body, you’ll see that long standing issues of the body slowly start getting healed

Visualised Meditations

Visualization is a powerful tool to manifest what we desire. We’ll use this powerful tool to balance our energy body. We’ll practice meditations on every chakra (which can be practiced individually at home too)

Meet the Founders

Megha Dhargalkar

Chief Vision Officer

A Pharmacy graduate from Mumbai University and an MBA from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Megha has grown through the Pharmaceutical industry working there for the last 26 years. Megha was associated with many leading pharmaceutical organisations viz. Lupin, Reliance Life Sciences, Alembic etc. and also headed a team of more than 3000 people in Sales & Marketing. Firmly convinced that yoga has a vital role to play in organisations, to improve employee performance, Megha recently shifted from a bright career in the corporate world – the position of Senior Vice President – Strategy & Business Development at Wockhardt to pursue her passion in yoga. Her work consists of exploring the impact that yoga has on the mind beyond its physical benefits. She is a qualified QCI yoga instructor. Immersed into yoga at the Bihar School of Yoga she brings a rich understanding of yogic practices and their benefits on the minds and thinking processes of people in the corporate world.

Usha Karnik


Usha Karnik’s ability to consistently innovate with yoga practices to adapt them to the modern world and her insatiable curiosity to explore the unknown realms of yogic science keep enriching the creative streak within the organisation. The mental fitness and expansion of awareness library is her creation and her ability to read and adapt various ideas has kept the organisation growing from strength to strength.

Want to know more?

Attend the Orientation Session for the Chakra Workshop. The session is free and open to all. You can attend the session and get all your questions answered. Register below!

The Physiology of Chakras

Why choose AMI?

Over the past 30 years AMI Yoga has not only taught yoga to more than 25000 participants but made it an integral part of their lives. AMI Yoga has won many prestigious accolades over the last 3 decades –

  1. Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Fair Business Practices in 2004

  2. Recognised by Lions’ Club Chembur for outstanding contribution to Society

  3. Felicitated by Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research for work done in Yoga

As the organisation has kept reinventing itself, it has now taken a more contemporary form as AMI Yoga.

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Date: 28th December Timing: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Online on Zoom


Starting: 4th January Timing: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm Days: Monday & Thursday
Duration: 24 Sessions (3 Months)

Attend the Orientation Session for the Chakra Workshop. The session is free and open to all. You can attend the session and get all your questions answered. Register below!

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